5 Facts About Fire & Smoke Damage

5 Facts About Fire & Smoke Damage

Whether it’s small or large, fires can do significant damage, but lingering smoke can cause several issues, including respiratory conditions in people. Today’s blog will discuss 5 facts about smoke damage that you need to be aware of, to keep you and your family safe.

Fire and Smoke Damage Facts

Even when a fire is out, and everyone is safe, you may think you’re in the clear; however, danger can still be around. You must deal with the aftermath of a fire. The following facts will help you mitigate the effects of fire and smoke and prevent further damage.

  1. Safety remains a priority, even when the fire is out. The damage left behind from a fire can be dangerous, so a professional must ensure your property is safe before returning. 
    TIP: Using respiratory protection and wearing gloves following a fire helps prevent exposure to soot. Opening all the windows and using fans help ventilate your home.
  1. After a fire, damage can occur quickly. Severe damage can affect your property and even the structure of your home. Residue from soot starts to settle on the area immediately after the fire, landing on furniture, walls, ceilings, and in the carpet — even if the fire was minimal. 
    TIP: Don’t wait to treat any damage. Within hours, wood furniture finishes will be ruined; metals will rust, and clothing will permanently be discolored. Further, fire damage can stain painted walls and damage flooring. This will result in a more costly and challenging restoration.
  1. Using a professional fire restoration company is best following a fire. Even though it’s an extra cost, an expert fire restorer helps limit further problems you may face with the damage. 
    TIP: Contact someone within 24 hours of experiencing a fire. They can assess the extent of the damage, determine items that need to be removed or repaired, and clear out any smell of smoke.
  1. You need to take special care with cleaning and deodorizing textiles. Smoke and soot can be challenging to remove from fabrics like carpet and clothes and textiles. Soot and smoke can settle into carpet fibers soon after a fire, so ensure a restoration company removes the damage immediately. 
    TIP: Special treatments may be necessary to restore individual items; this includes several wash cycles to remove smoke from bedding and clothing or removing the carpet if the damage is severe.
  1. Fire suppression activities can also cause damage. Other than fire and smoke, those tools needed to put out a fire can result in damage. Water can cause damage, and standard firefighting chemicals also leave a mess, which may require an expert’s specialty to treat. 
    TIP: List any damage that has occurred due to the fire, like smoke damage and suppression tactics and contact your insurance company to file a claim.

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