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Sewage Damages are unexpected, hazardous and difficult to properly clean and repair. Let Black Diamond Water Damage and Disaster Restoration tackle this project for you!

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Sewage Damage Repairs

Why Black Diamond Should Be Your Choice For Sewage Damage Repairs and Restoration in Utah.

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Prompt Service

When sewage backs up into your home or office, you need help and you need it fast!

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Licensed Professionals

Black Diamond professionals are licensed, insured, and experienced in all causes of sewage backups.  Whether the problem is isolated or involves city water lines and sewer systems, we repair it all

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Sanitary cleanup

Sewage damage is hazardous to both your home and the surrounding environment. Our professionals make sure the immediate damage areas and those around it are fully cleaned and safe for occupants.

Utah Sewage Damage Restoration Company
I have done business with Brian and he is a genuine person. He takes the time to explain what needs to happen, offers advice, and isn't pushy. I have no problem recommending Black Diamond to family and friends. Thanks Brian for your work!
Black Diamond was very professional and came right out both times we needed them. They have always been honest and have done very good work, which makes us more than happy to give them a great review!
Brian Wilson and Kevin Karen were the best! They took care of my home quickly and responded to my millions of phone calls and texts messages as if I were the only customer they were working with. THANK YOU!

Emergency Sewage Damage Restoration

Sewage backups can cause serious property damage, unsanitary conditions, and possible electrical complications. When your home or business’s sewer lines become blocked, wastewater is not able to pass through the drainage pipes. The thick, dark water that forms as sewage is dangerous because it contains contaminants and viruses that can result in extreme illnesses if your family or employees are exposed to it. Multiple factors can result in sewage backup: clogs, tree roots, faulty sewer lines, and heavy rainfall. Determining the cause of your backup will be a daunting task, not to mention unsanitary. Working with our licensed technicians is the best way to handle a backup. 

If your home or business is experiencing one of these backups, do not wait another day to receive professional assistance. A sewer backup can result in disease, damage to your property, destruction to your valuables, or electrical malfunctions. Timely cleanup of your property can minimize any inconveniences and prevent mold and extensive damage. Our team will remove spillage, mop your floors, wipe your walls with soap and disinfectant, flush out any disinfecting plumbing fixtures, cleanup ductwork, repair or remove damaged wallboard, and more. Let us handle the problem so that you can go back to living life stress-free.