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Water Damage can wreak havoc on your home if not fixed quickly. Don’t let damage go unchecked!

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Rest assured, when you contact Black Diamond Water Damage and Disaster Restoration, you are getting licensed and insured professionals with over 20 years experience serving Utah communities.

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Our experts have served Utah communities for over 20 years. Located in Murray, Utah, we service the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas.

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Whether it’s flood damage from broken appliances, busted pipes or a result of storm damage, our Water Damage experts have seen it all! Your home or business will be assessed, repaired and returned to pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently!

Utah Water Damage Restoration Company
I have done business with Brian and he is a genuine person. He takes the time to explain what needs to happen, offers advice, and isn't pushy. I have no problem recommending Black Diamond to family and friends. Thanks Brian for your work!
Black Diamond was very professional and came right out both times we needed them. They have always been honest and have done very good work, which makes us more than happy to give them a great review!
Brian Wilson and Kevin Karen were the best! They took care of my home quickly and responded to my millions of phone calls and texts messages as if I were the only customer they were working with. THANK YOU!

Emergency Water Damage

Water damage can quickly spiral out of control, and it is a home or business owner’s worst nightmare. This damage occurs when excess water pools in certain hard-to-reach areas. Common causes of water damage include: bursting or leaking pipes, issues with your plumbing system, faulty household appliances, HVAC issues, natural disasters, and more. Even if you have a plan of action, this type of damage can result in unforeseen scenarios and threats to your belongings. Significant damage requires professional supervision and the proper tools and machinery. Furthermore, you must be aware of the differences between greywater and blackwater damage. 

Greywater promotes microbial growth, and both direct and indirect exposure can result in health problems for you, your family, or employees. It can also damage your belongings. Blackwater is even more destructive, as it normally comes from sewers. This water hoards bacteria, viruses, and other toxic allergens, making it a health risk. As you can see, this type of damage is too complex to deal with, and it is best to let our licensed and certified professionals restore your property to its original condition. Black Diamond Restoration works quickly to repair and prevent further damage. Our team can handle the restoration process while you and your loved ones recover.