5 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage

It’s ok to have questions about water damage, especially if you’re a new homeowner who hasn’t had to deal with it much. 

Here’s the thing: it’s the last disaster you want to have to deal with in your home or business, and the prospect of taking care of water damage can feel incredibly overwhelming.

We get it! You want to take care of your property and get water damage resolved right away. So what are some of the most frequently asked questions that people encounter when faced with this daunting task? 

1. Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Depending on the depth of the damage caused by the water, you could be looking at a pretty steep restoration bill. Perhaps the most common question about water damage is whether or not it will be covered by your homeowners insurance.

While there isn’t one overarching answer to this question, it’s safe to say that most insurance policies will cover water damage if it was accidental. You’ll want to reach out to your insurance agent to go over the details of your coverage before seeking restoration help.

2. What Causes Water Damage?

There are a number of things that can cause water damage. It could be extreme weather in your area, or perhaps leaking pipes or a malfunction with your washer. Other possible causes include a leaking water heater or condensation from your air conditioning.

3. What Do I Do When My House Floods?

When possible, the first thing you want to do is turn off the source that is causing the flooding. The next thing you need to do is turn off the electricity, and then have everyone vacate the premises. Call for help, including your insurance agent.

Once you’ve assessed the damage and recorded the items that will need reparation, you will want to look into a restoration service to get everyone cleaned up and safe again so that you can get your home back to normal.

4. Does Water Damage Cause Mold?

Yes, water damage causes mold, which is one of the main reasons that, if you have water damage, you want to act fast to get it taken care of. Mold grows in places where there is a lot of moisture and condensation, and when left unattended, it can become incredibly dangerous for you and your family.

5. What’s The Best Way To Handle Water Damage?

Depending on the extent of your water damage, you’ll find that you have a handful of options. If the damage is minor, you could potentially use a shop vac or a few strong fans to air out your house and restore the flooring.

If the damage is more extensive, it’s a good idea to turn things over to the professionals and hire out a restoration team to take care of things for you.

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