5 Tips To Prevent Water Damage

5 Tips To Prevent Water Damage

Water can cause serious and expensive damage to a house. Here are 5 tips to prevent water damage to save you some stress and money.

1. Check Outdoor Water Pipes and Hoses

Maintaining outdoor water pipes and hoses is especially crucial as you prepare for winter or spring. In the winter, disconnect hoses so that they do not freeze into your house. Do you have sprinklers? Proper maintenance of your sprinklers can save you heartache. Regularly check your sprinklers for broken or leaking sprinkler heads.

2. Clean Gutters and Rain Spouts

Clean your gutters twice a year. Dirt and debris build-up can cause water to spill back into the house. Enough debris can also damage your rain gutters, making it more difficult for rain to drain properly. Also, make sure that rain spouts are pointed away from the house and are draining to a spot that will not run back towards the house. You do not want puddles of water collecting around the foundation of your home.

3. Find Your Water Main Shut Off

Every house should have a water main shut-off. In case of an emergency, you should be able to locate the shut-off quickly. Educate anyone else who lives in your home about where the water main shut off is so that if you are not home, they can also shut it off in case of an emergency. Also, if you will be leaving your house for an extended time, you may want to shut the water off to prevent potential leakage and water damage.

 4.Investigate Leaks Quickly

Water damage can spread quickly. However, one of the biggest threats of water damage is the rot and mold that follow. Discovering leaks quickly can help prevent the spread of water damage. Keeping an eye on your water bill can help. If you see a noticeable spike in water usage, it may be due to a leak. If you see a spike, make sure to investigate your home and yard for any evidence of water leaks. Quick intervention can prevent further damage to your home.

5. Check Your Water Pressure

If your water pressure is beyond what your pipes and faucets are built for, they may break. You can purchase a water pressure gauge to check the water pressure in your home. Attach the water pressure gauge to an outside faucet and turn it to full blast. You will be able to measure the water pressure for your home. Most residential water systems are built to handle 40-70 psi. If your water pressure is significantly above that, you will need to invest in a water pressure regulator.

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