Home Fire Pit: Safety Precautions You Should Be Taking

Home Fire Pit: Safety Precautions You Should Be Taking

If you have a home fire pit, there are some safety precautions you should be taking for the safety of both you and your home. 

Fire pits are a great way to turn your yard into the ultimate hangout spot during the summer, but without the proper supervision they can get out of control fast causing serious damage and even injury.

Keep reading to find out how you can keep yourself safe while enjoying your fire pit. 

Check Wind Conditions

Avoid using your fire pit on particularly windy days as a strong gust of wind could blow embers into grass or trees

Use the Correct Lumber

Utilize wood sold specifically for fire pit use, or even wood that’s recently fallen from a tree. Avoid using leftover construction lumber of any sort, as this kind of wood has been treated with all sorts of chemicals that you don’t want to be breathing in or cooking into your food as you enjoy your fire pit. 

Build the Fire Out in the Open

Building a fire directly under a tree or covered porch is a recipe for disaster. Instead of taking any risks, make sure to build your fire out in the open where there’s no possibility of lighting a tree overhang on fire or causing smoke damage to your covered porch. 

Never Leave Your Fire Unattended

Leaving your fire unattended even for a moment can have devastating results. Quench live embers with water and ensure that all wood pieces are no longer burning in order to make sure your fire is completely out before leaving the fire pit area. Although a slightly active fire may not seem like a big deal, some of the biggest wildfires in U.S. history have resulted from unattended, almost-extinguished fires igniting nearby trees or grass. 

If you are an adult using a fire pit with children, you’ll also want to make sure you never leave them unattended near the fire. Fire can be visually appealing to children, and they may not yet understand fire safety, so it’s best to keep a close watch on them at all times.  

Keep Flammable Items Away From the Fire

Wooden, paper, and plastic items are all flammable and can be easily lit if put too close to the fire. Even certain clothing items and human hair can be highly flammable, so it’s important to avoid stepping too close to the fire or leaning over it. There is always the possibility that you get too close to the fire pit, or even fall in, and you could sustain serious burns within a matter of seconds. 

Contact Black Diamond Restoration

If your home fire pit gets out of control this summer, Contact Black Diamond Restoration. We specialize in fire cleanup so you don’t have to go through any additional frustration or worry regarding your fire mishap. Call us today to get a free quote on your restoration project, we serve the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. 


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