How to Avoid Fire Hazards in Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is full of fire hazards that you must avoid to stay safe. Sadly, not many homeowners know what constitutes a danger.

Each year, many fires begin in the bedroom, which is thought to be one of the more dangerous places for a fire to start because it is where people sleep. Unfortunately, many people have died because of bedroom fires. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent bedroom fires from occurring, making your bedroom a safe and cozy retreat right in the comforts of your own home.

Read more below on steps you can take to avoid these hazards in your bedroom.

Best Practices to Avoid Fire Hazards in Your Room

There are many activities that people do in their bedrooms that can cause serious fire hazards. Protect yourself and your loved ones by implementing these best practices:

  • Avoiding using wax and wick candles and replace them with a flameless, battery-operated option.
  • Keep electric cords (including extension cords) from running under your bed and rugs. You should keep cords from being trapped against furniture and walls and keep cords untangled to allow them to dissipate heat and avoid heat build-up easily.
  • Always supervise space heaters wherever they are in use. Turn them off and unplug them when you leave the room and especially when you go to sleep.
  • Do not smoke in your bedroom, especially while in bed. Roaming ashes or the cigarette itself can catch fire. Instead, use fire-safe cigarettes outside that extinguish quicker.
  • Place charging devices and items on nonflammable furniture and avoid putting them on or beneath your bed.
  • Mattresses in each bedroom should meet current standards for flammability.
  • Installing arc fault circuit interrupters will help prevent electrical switch and outlet fires. If an electric arc is detected, the breaker will immediately shut off the circuit.
  • Put a fire escape plan in place with whom you reside. Each bedroom should have two escape options, such as a door and window escape (with a ladder, if necessary). Conduct a fire drill where you can practice your plan a few times every year.
  • If you use electric warmers or blankets, make sure that they are laboratory-approved and that you do not forcibly fold them (this could damage interior wires). Avoid sleeping while using them, and look for signs of overheating often.
  • Make sure there are functioning smoke detectors in each bedroom. These units should be tested regularly, batteries replaced each year and replaced every decade with new sensors.
  • Keep a three or more foot buffer between any flammable objects and heat sources of any kind, such as electronics, space heaters, and open flames.

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Avoid fire hazards by following these simple tips.

Unfortunately, fires can still occur in your home, and it is important to be prepared if an accident were to strike. Be prepared by keeping the number and information of an experienced and knowledgeable restoration company on hand, like Black Diamond Restoration. 

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