How to Prevent Fire Hazards in the Bedroom

How to Prevent Fire Hazards in the Bedroom

Bedroom fires make up half of all home fire deaths and are where electrical fires start. However, by implementing some tips, you can easily prevent fire hazards. Stay tuned to learn 11 tips to help avoid potential fires in the bedroom.

Fire Statistics in the Bedroom

According to FEMA’s U.S. Fire Administration, most people die in bedrooms or lounges from smoking-related fires with those in a one-bedroom apartment facing the biggest risk. Between 11:00 and 7:00 AM accounted for 51 percent of civilian fire fatalities in residential buildings, and 47 percent of those resulted in death. Thirty-seven percent of those individuals were trying to escape with 32 percent sleeping. Males accounted for 58 percent of fatalities and females, 42 percent of fire fatalities. Adults aged 50-69 equaled 37 percent of fire fatalities. Children less than 10 years old made up of 11 percent of civilian fires.

Tips to Prevent Fire Hazards

The above statistics could have been reduced if these following tips had been implemented.

  1. Always supervise space heaters and turn them off before going to sleep.
  1. Don’t run electrical cords under the bed or carpeting and don’t trap cords against the wall where heat can build up. Untangle cords to allow heat to disperse and never overload an extension cord.
  1. Only use electric blankets and warmers from laboratory-approved manufacturers. Do not fold them to prevent damaging the wiring. Also, never sleep with an electric blanket turned on and inspect it regularly for overheating.
  1. Keep flammable objects like candles, space heaters, or electronics at least three feet away from heat sources.
  1. Keep lit candles away from bedding, curtains, or paper, and think about purchasing candles with battery-operated flameless candles.
  1. Use only mattresses that meet the 2007 Federal Mattress Flammability Standard.
  1. Don’t smoke in bed since there’s a higher chance of falling asleep with a lit cigarette and catching the bed on fire. Consider using fire-safe cigarettes to prevent fires, as they extinguish quicker.
  1. Install arc fault circuit interrupters. (AFCIs) When an unintentional discharge of electricity occurs in the circuit, AFCIs shut off the circuit, preventing electrical switch fires.
  1. Never put charging devices under bedding, and that includes leaving a laptop on the bed, which can increase the risk of a fire.
  1. Install smoke alarms in and out of the bedroom and test smoke detectors monthly. Change batteries annually around the same time and replace detectors every decade.
  1. Create a fire escape plan, marking sure there are two exits for each room. Twice a year, practice a home fire drill with everyone at night and during the day.

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