How to Spot Mold Early On

Knowing the signs of mold in your home or business is essential so you can spot mold early on before it becomes a bigger problem. Mold isn’t always dangerous to your health, but sometimes it is and it can also cause major problems to the structure it’s growing inside of. Addressing a mold problem right away will give you the best chance at being able to remove it successfully, so here’s a guide to help you identify mold before it takes over your life.

Check Common Areas for Signs of Visible Mold

Mold needs water or moisture to grow, so the first places you should check for mold are places that are regularly exposed to water. The following areas commonly harbor mold:

  • The walls and floor in the bathroom, especially those around the bathtub and toilet
  • In the cupboards under sinks
  • On the shower floor and in the shower curtain
  • Inside washing machines and dishwashers
  • In laundry baskets where damp towels and clothing might be left

Examine these areas regularly to see if you can spot mold. If you can see visible mold spores, the problem is probably bigger than you might think. Mold spores are invisible in the air and on various surfaces until they come in contact with something wet and begin growing and spreading. 

If you do see visible mold, scrubbing it with bleach and a scrub brush will probably make it disappear temporarily, but there’s a good chance it will come back. Instead of trying to take on the project yourself, call a mold remediation specialist who can treat the issue completely and make sure you’re not being exposed to hazardous mold growth.

Investigate Musty Odors

Odors are certainly unpleasant, but they can help you find mold early on if you investigate them to find the source. If you smell anything you’re not used to that seems musty or moldy, find the root of the smell immediately since there’s a good chance its mold growth.

It could be coming from a pile of wet towels that haven’t made it into the washer yet or a load of laundry that was left in the washing machine for too long. Those are easy enough to remedy, just make sure to wash them with hot water and plenty of detergent. Other sources of mold, like those that are attached to walls and floors, can be more difficult to clean. As always, early identification and quick action are key to successful mold remediation. 

Black Diamond Restoration Is Here

If you spot mold in your home or commercial building, Black Diamond Restoration is here to help. Our licensed and certified team of experts is well trained in determining the severity of the situation and treating it properly. We specialize in mold remediation, water and fire damage restoration, and more. We are proud to offer these services as well as 24/7 emergency disaster services throughout Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding area including Heber City, Tooele, and Lehi. Give us a call today for a free damage evaluation.


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