Power Outages During a Blizzard: What You Should Know

A blizzard can be beautiful when you’re snuggled up warm in your house, but power outages during a storm are dangerous. This is especially true for people who don’t have the experience or supplies needed to keep warm indoors until the power is restored, which in some situations can be several days.

Some homes have gas ovens and wood-burning fireplaces so cooking and heating aren’t a problem, but what do you do if your home is completely reliant on electricity? A power outage could be completely devastating. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your home and family safe if the power goes out during a blizzard.

Check Your Breakers

A blizzard is much more than just snow falling; it’s a severe storm with winds above 35 mph, temperatures below freezing, and heavy snow that limits visibility. Heavy winds are typically responsible for any power outages that result from blizzards since they can knock down power lines.

If your power goes out during a winter storm, you might assume the power lines are down, but you should check the breakers and fuses in your home to make sure the outage extends to more than just your home. Assuming those look good, check the power lines coming to your house. If they’re down, stay far back from them and call the power company immediately.

Stay Warm

Keeping warm during a power outage can be difficult, especially if it lasts for an extended period. Gather all of your blankets, put on lots of layers, and keep your family in a small area in your home. Hang heavy blankets on the doors and windows to keep drafts out. Avoid using camping stoves, bbq grills, or gas generators indoors, since they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning when not properly ventilated. 

Prevent Damage

If your home relies on electricity for heat, everything inside is at risk of freezing during a winter power outage. This includes your pipes, and water freezing inside can cause them to burst. You can help prevent this by turning all of your water taps on to a slow drip. 

Another essential preventative measure is unplugging major appliances during the outage. This will help avoid a surge when the power comes back on. You might find it helpful to leave one lamp plugged in and turned on so that you know when the power is restored. 

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