Signs of Water Damage

Knowing The Signs of Water Damage is a Must

A common problem, especially among older homes with old plumbing, is water damage, and knowing the signs of water damage is a must.

Water damage is such a headache and hassle for homeowners because of the immense damage it can cause to your home. Even the smallest of leaks can harm your house’s structural integrity and lead to serious hazards within your home. Catching water damage early can make a huge difference in the cost and time it takes to repair your property, so knowing what to look for is imperative.

Continue reading to learn the five signs of water damage below.

    1. Stains and Discolored Areas on Walls and Ceilings — Many times, water damage is undeniable and apparent. Discolored spots on your ceiling or walls are an obvious sign of water damage. Watch for wet or dark areas that appear in your home, especially during the days following heavy rain or snowfall.
    2. Musty, Moldy, or Damp Scent — One of the biggest signs of leaks and water damage is a musty, moldy, or damp smell in your home. As time passes, wet areas in your home, such as the drywall or framing, will begin to smell. It’s similar to the smell your laundry gets when you don’t move it into the dryer for a day or two. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply rewashing the load. This water damage smell in your home is often accompanied by other, more serious problems, like mold.
    3. Increased Utility Bills — Other times, water damage is not always visible, but you can keep your eye out for other signs. If your utility bill has suddenly spiked for no apparent reason, this could indicate there’s a hidden leak in your house.
    4. Bubbling, Flaking, or Cracking Paint and Drywall — In addition to stains and discolored spots on your walls and ceilings, you may notice areas that are bubbling, flaking, or cracking. Even if stains are not apparent, if you see part of your ceiling sagging and taking on the appearance of a water balloon, chances are there’s a leak in your home that can lead to serious water damage.
    5. Outdated Appliances and Plumbing — The outdated plumbing and old appliances in your home don’t automatically mean there’s water damage. However, they are often paired together. Pipes, faucets, and worn-out appliances can rust out and burst, causing significant problems that lead to water damage. Always conduct yearly inspections of your plumbing and water supply, and remember to stick to a regular maintenance schedule for the appliances in your home.

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