Water Damage You Can’t See And Where To Look For It

Access to water is an essential part of a functioning home, but water damage occurs when it leaks out to places that are meant to stay dry. If you could quickly and easily spot the excess water, repairs would be simple. Unfortunately, the damage is often out of sign, hidden behind walls and under floors.

Inspecting your home regularly and watching for the signs of water-related damage can help prevent the problem from escalating to a major disaster. Here are some of the most common places to look for hidden damage in your home.

  • The floor or walls surround the tub or shower – Tubs and showers have pipes that run behind the walls to supply water in the faucets, and anywhere there’s plumbing, there’s the potential for leaking. 
  • Under windows – Rain beating against your house will try to find any access point, and windows are a prime spot for water entry. Drops of rain can easily run down outdated window jambs and get into the wall without you having any idea.
  • Underneath the siding – Anywhere siding panels meet is an easy entry for moisture, and can lead to rotting underneath the siding.
  • Around the washing machine – Obviously, there’s a lot of water inside a washing machine, but if the connections in the back aren’t perfectly tight, water can slowly leak and cause unseen water damage. 
  • Beneath the threshold of the exterior door – That metal step at your front door helps keep the water at bay, but heavy rain might penetrate the wood underneath. This can lead to soggy, rotted wood and other damage.
  • Around window air conditioning units – Window a/c units are great for keeping a room cool during the hot summer, but condensation can leak into the wood below the window and cause serious damage over time.
  • In the roof and attic – Roof penetrations like chimneys and exhaust fans are prone to leaking and potential damage if they aren’t sealed properly. This can lead to mold growth in the attic that can go unnoticed for years.
  • Behind the drywall after flooding – Experiencing a flood is bad enough since you have to deal with all your items that were damaged. But if you’re not careful about the cleanup, moisture can be left behind the drywall. That’s why it’s so important to call a restoration expert to help you remove any of the drywall that was exposed to water so you don’t have a bigger mold problem down the road. 

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