Why You Should Be Using A Drain Snake Regularly

Why You Should Be Using A Drain Snake Regularly?

You have probably used a drain snake before to remove a clog, but did you know you should be using it more regularly? 

Keep reading to find out more.

Clog Prevention

Rather than wait until the water doesn’t drain out of your tub anymore to remove a clog, why not take care of debris in your shower and sink drains before it becomes an issue? By snaking your drain regularly, you are removing debris from your drains before they get a chance to clog, saving you the hassle of trying to get rid of significant blockages. 

Other means of preventing clogs in your pipes include:

  • Use a sink or shower strainer to catch hair and debris so you can throw it in the trash instead of rinsing it away.
  • Clear out your garbage disposal after every use by running cold water with the disposal running, then letting the water run for a full minute after the disposal is off. This should break up debris and help it to move further down into the pipes. 
  • Never dispose of building materials in your drains. Things that may seem harmless, like paint, spackle, plaster, or wallboard materials, can end up hardening into serious clogs that may take even more than a drain snake to clear out. Always dispose of your building materials properly in the trash rather than down the drain. 

Keep Your Pipes in Working Order

The key to keeping your pipes in good working order is to make sure that water can easily flow through them. Clogs in your pipes can quickly lead to burst or leaky pipes, issues with rust, or other forms of damage. Additionally, liquid clog-removing products can damage your home’s pipes over time, leading to costly repairs and replacements. By regularly using a drain snake, you remove debris from your drain before the problem gets so out of hand that you need to use other products. Save the money you would use on expensive plumbing services and snake your drain regularly instead.

The Dangers of Water Damage

If your pipes clog, water could begin to back up and overflow into your home. This water can ruin your belongings, warp your wood floors and cabinets, and even lead to mold and rust running rampant through your house. The key to preventing clogs is to snake your drains regularly, but you need professional restoration services to deal with the water damage if it is already too late. 

Contact Black Diamond Restoration

If a drain snake is no longer enough to get your drain and pipes in working order, reach out to the experts at Black Diamond Restoration today. We specialize in restoring burst or leaky pipes as well as water damage that can result from them, so your home is as good as new again. Don’t waste any more time dealing with faulty plumbing on your own; instead, get professional help. We serve the residents of beautiful Murray, Utah. 


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