Cleaning Your Window Wells: How It Can Prevent Water Damage

Cleaning Your Window Wells: How It Can Prevent Water Damage

Regularly cleaning your window wells is critical, yet many homeowners fail to see the importance of maintaining them to prevent water damage. 

Window wells are an International Residential Code safety requirement for any home to provide egress in the event of a disaster or threat of danger; however, they can also create a dangerous situation if they aren’t built and managed properly.

Today, we’ll cover the basics of water damage, window well maintenance, and keeping your home safe and clean. 

Water Damage

Basements are notorious for flooding and water damage because they’re lower than ground level. Gravity dictates that water will flow to the lowest possible plane, so if there’s an option for water to leak into a basement through window wells or foundation cracks, you’ll find yourself in inches (or feet) of water. 

Water damage can occur whether there’s inches or feet of water. Certainly a flood of multiple feet of water will create more damage and significant issues, but even a small leak that’s allowing water into your home over time can cause mold. Sadly, even minimal water damage can cause increased cracking and crumbling to your home’s foundation, and it may serve as an invitation for pests. 

Window Wells & Water Damage

Your window wells provide an easy point of access for water and other forms of damage, especially if you neglect them. It’s much more than just some water stains around the windows, or rainwater seeping through the window during heavy storms. The following problems can occur when your window well doesn’t properly drain and protect against water damage:

  • Humidity levels rise—and not in the way that benefits you. Basements suffer from air flow and circulation issues, so increased moisture can damage property and lead to our next problem. 
  • Mold and mildew will grow and spread throughout your basement, and eventually, the rest of your home. Mold can cause serious respiratory and other health issues. 
  • Pests are attracted to areas with water, and leaks will show them the way into your home. 
  • A leak will create more work for your home’s air conditioner, heating, and electrical network. Humid air means more work, and so does hot or cold air from outside that is seeping into your home through leaks. 
  • Tiny cracks or pores in your foundation can fill with water, which then expands when it freezes in winter months—creating more damage. 

The Importance of Cleaning Your Window Wells

The best way to prevent these elements of damage is to keep your window well free and clear of debris. Check regularly for signs of water damage, cracks, pests moving in, or changes in your utility bills. When you experience rain or flooding issues, such as a broken sprinkler spilling large amounts of water, monitor your window well to ensure proper drainage. 

Black Diamond Restoration Can Fix Water Damage

If you’re experiencing issues with your window wells or basement leaks, the experts at Black Diamond Restoration can find the source, fix it, and eliminate the damage. If cleaning your window wells doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call, since water damage can be corrosive. We serve Salt Lake County. 


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