How to Effectively Clean the Rain Gutters on Your Home

How to Effectively Clean the Rain Gutters on Your Home

Rain gutters are an essential component of your home, and a key piece in ensuring your property does not suffer water damage. 

Your property’s gutter system has many responsibilities. Rain gutters are responsible for preventing large icicles from forming and help keep your foundation in good condition. They protect the exterior walls of your home by gathering water and diverting it away from your home and landscaping, which reduces the number of puddles and pooling water on walkways. Gutters that are not cleaned out cannot effectively function and can make your facia boards and soffit begin to deteriorate and rot. Thankfully, cleaning your gutters is pretty straightforward.

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How to Clean Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year, ideally twice, and whenever else is necessary throughout the year. Once the snow melts come spring and again in autumn after the leaves have fallen and before the first snowfall, are perfect times to perform this task. Here’s how you can get the job done yourself:

STEP #1 — SAFETY FIRST: Staying safe should be your number one priority. Remember to use a sturdy ladder on sturdy ground and never clean or maintain your gutters from your roof. 

STEP #2 — GATHER YOUR GEAR: Gather all the gear you will require for the job. You’ll need a thick pair of gloves, safety goggles, a ladder, your favorite gutter cleaning tools, a couple of buckets (one for your tools, the other for debris you remove), a long garden hose and spray nozzle, and a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms.

STEP #3 — REMOVE GUARDS: If your gutter system features gutter guards or covers, you’ll need to remove them before you begin.

STEP #4 — LET THE DIRTY WORK BEGIN: Find a place near a downspout to start. Begin by removing large chunks of leaves, twigs, and other debris with your hands or a tool and discard them in your bucket that’s securely hooked to your ladder. Use your hose and nozzle to clear out finer bits from your gutter. If your gutters are not draining well, check downspouts for clogs. Once your gutters are clean, you can replace your gutter guards.

STEP #5 — INSPECT YOUR GUTTERS: While you’re up there, make sure your gutter system is securely fastened to your home and that there are no leaks.

Helpful Tips and Tricks from the Pros

  • Always check the weather before cleaning your gutters — it is much easier to remove dry leaves than wet debris.
  • If you suspect there’s a leak, empty a bucket full of water into your gutters and watch for drips. Before you make any repairs, make sure your gutters have thoroughly dried.
  • Add the debris you removed from your gutters to your compost pile.

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Rain gutters that are clogged cannot work effectively and leave your home at risk for water damage and flooding.

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