Most Common Places Mold Grows

Most Common Places Mold Grows

Mold isn’t something you want growing in your home, and you can identify it more quickly by knowing the most common places mold grows.

In addition to being a major eyesore, mold spores can be hazardous to your health and cause severe breathing problems. Here’s a guide to inspecting your home for mold growth so you can ensure you’re living in a safe and mold-free environment.


Your bathroom might feel cozy and warm while you’re taking a shower without the fan running and letting the steam build inside. But this creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Bathrooms have so many sources of water, and they’re often dark, warm, and damp. The following areas inside your bathroom are of particular concern when it comes to mold growth:

  • The base of the bathtub, shower, and toilet
  • Tile grout
  • Bath mats
  • Toothbrush holders
  • Towels that aren’t hung to dry properly


The kitchen is one of the most common places mold grows since plenty of water flows through many sinks and appliances. The cabinet underneath the kitchen sink is a common culprit since slow pipe leaks can go undetected for long periods and condensation in an enclosed, warm space causes mold. Clean this area frequently and if you identify any mold growth, use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to stop mold growth dead in its tracks.

Check the refrigerator and dishwasher seals regularly since they can attract mold when they aren’t dry thoroughly. Leaking liquids inside the fridge can be problematic, and so can piles of food-caked dishes that are left in the sink for long periods. Regularly cleaning kitchen appliances and washing dishes can go a long way to preventing mold growth.

Laundry Room

Of all the mold-prone spots in a home, front-loading washing machines take the cake. The seals on the door and the drum fill with water every time a cycle runs. So, if the door remains shut after the laundry moves, that moisture is allowed to sit on the seals, and mold starts to grow. The same happens with the laundry soap dispenser. What’s the point of washing dirty clothes in a mold-infested washing machine? You can combat this by leaving the door cracked after a load of laundry to allow the seals and drum to air-dry. You should also remove the soap dispenser occasionally and wipe up the liquid inside and underneath it. 

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