How to Avoid Fire Hazards in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is full of fire hazards that you must avoid to stay safe. Sadly, not many homeowners know what constitutes a danger. Each year, many fires begin in the bedroom, which is thought to be one of the more dangerous places for a fire to start because it is where people sleep. Unfortunately, many […]

How to Prevent Fire Hazards in the Bedroom

Bedroom fires make up half of all home fire deaths and are where electrical fires start. However, by implementing some tips, you can easily prevent fire hazards. Stay tuned to learn 11 tips to help avoid potential fires in the bedroom. Fire Statistics in the Bedroom According to FEMA’s U.S. Fire Administration, most people die […]

Tips for Eliminating Fire Hazards this Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, fire hazards that increase with more outdoor activities, such as barbecuing and setting off fireworks. Continue reading to learn about how you can eliminate fire hazards in your backyard and enjoy the summer this year. Summer Fire Statistics Most fire hazards indeed occur in the summer, […]